These are the public deliverables that will be produced during the project. This page will be updated with links to the respective documents, as soon as they are available.

NumberNameDelivery dateDownload
D1.3Year 1 Periodic report, public summaryDecember 2016PDF [24/02/17]
D1.4Year 2 Periodic report, public summaryDecember 2017
D1.5Year 3 Periodic Report and final report, public summaryDecember 2018
D2.1Initial report on the testing scenarios, requirements and use casesSeptember 2016PDF [30/09/16]
D2.2Final report on the formalization of the certification process, requirements and useJune 2017PDF [30/06/17]
ZIP with appendices [30/06/17]
D2.3Report on 5G evolutionMarch 2016PDF [08/04/16]
D2.4Report on 5G evolution. Year 2March 2017PDF [18/04/17]
D2.5Report on 5G evolution. Year 3March 2018
D2.6Final Test Scenario and Test SpecificationsSeptember 2018
D3.1Progress report on the testing framework Rel 1November 2016PDF [02/12/16]
D3.2Implementation report on the testing framework Rel 2 and specification of Rel 3.September 2017PDF [28/11/17]

Implementation report on the testing framework Rel 3 and specification of Rel 4
March 2017
D3.5Implementation report on the testing framework Rel 4September
D4.1Report on the networking capabilities provided by the testbedOctober 2017PDF [28/11/17]
D4.2Report on the distributed deployment of the testbedFebruary 2018
D4.3Report on the QoS management at the application levelOctober 2018
D5.1Open Call text and submission templateMay 2016PDF [02/06/16]
D5.2Report on App lab Integration with FIRE testbedAugust 2016Updated PDF [28/11/17]
D5.3Results of Known experiments and First Open CallNovember 2017
D5.4Results of Second Open CallMay 2018
D5.5Results of Third Open CallNovember 2018
D5.6Intermediate Report on Experiments and Service suggestionsApril 2018
D5.7Final Report Policy Recommendations on ServicesDecember 2018
D5.8Recommended TRIAGLE marks for certification of serviceDecember 2018
D6.1Business Plan for BaaSDecember 2017
D6.3Project Promotional MaterialsMarch 2016ZIP with materials [08/04/16]
D6.4Project metrics and collection of Triangle Technical PublicationsDecember 2018