The TRIANGLE project held its first set of Open Calls towards the end of 2016. We are now proud to say the second wave of open calls for experiments and extensions are now open. These Open Calls or funding round, are aimed at 5G operators, device manufacturers and applications developers wishing to test and benchmark on a ready made 5G testbed as well as those companies and institutions who might wish to extend the testbed with their own set of capabilities.

Do you have a mobile app, a mobile device or an IoT device, a service provisioning system, a RAN or network component that would benefit from testing or receiving a professional-grade certification of 5G readiness?

Funding of up to 20.000€ per experiment is available if you have a mobile app, mobile or IoT device, or service provisioning system you would like to experiment with and test on a 5G end-to-end network using the latest technological advances in wireless networking, and up to 100.000€ is available if you have a RAN or other network hardware/software component and you wish to incorporate into our test bed so that the testbed is further enhanced. You can also avail of a Triangle certification or benchmark for your application or device.

You can apply for funding through our Open Call process between May 8th 2017 and July 9th 2017. Successful applicants will be informed by the end of August 2017 and experiments will start from October 1st 2017 .
You can contact us at any time during the entire process for assistance or for a pre-evaluation of your ideas and needs.

Click here for further information on the Open Calls for Triangle project.

Second Wave of TRIANGLE Open Calls Now Open!

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