The fourth Open Call is open from July 31st to September 14th, 2018

We’re delighted you’ve decided to apply for the Triangle Open Call. In order to process applications we are using the portal of F6S. Please read the following instructions and bookmark this page so that you can review the information below as you complete your application:

1Select an ‘Experiment Lead’ in your teamThis person will be responsible for coordinating the group, submitting the application, and for providing the Triangle project with reports and feedback for the relevant European Commission auditing.
2Prepare the content of your application based on the questions belowRead the Open Call Instructions for more information.
Get everything ready before you submit it because the platform won’t allow you to save and edit your application later.
3Experiment Lead sets up an account with F6S.comYou will be prompted to do so once you visit the link to apply below.
Any team or profile you create will by default be visible on the F6S platform. If you wish to remain invisible on the platform please ensure to edit that team or profile selecting “Hide Profile” under “Profile Settings”.
4Fill in the applicationIt is not necessary to “invite” other team members as prompted by the F6S platform. At this point simply click the X in the corner of the message box.
We have summarised these questions below so that you can prepare before starting the application process.
5Submit your application: it becomes lockedIf you discover an error you may contact Triangle at to have that application unlocked for further edits. You must however allow adequate time for us to respond before the deadline for applications for your chosen open call. Please also contact us if you need an application deleted.

Of course, we’re always keen to hear your feedback and suggestions. Don’t forget to refer to our FAQ and reach out with any questions or comments to opencall at triangle-project dot eu.

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