The TRIANGLE testbed is open for applications from now until 14th September 2018 17.00 CET. We are offering SMEs with a mobile application that can clearly benefit from using 5G, the opportunity to test these applications on a state-of-the-art testbed to preview their performance. We have specific funding for this call of €45,000 (including VAT) to support a minimum number of 3 applications with a maximum amount of €15,000 (including VAT) each.

This testbed is located in the University of Malaga but can be accessed remotely. The Testbed enables a preview on how the application would perform in 5G network conditions. It contains Virtual Machines to install servers, provides Mobile Edge Computing capabilities, commercial phones (Android and iOS) to run the app, an extensive set of test cases and many other features. The Testbed provides opportunities to measure Quality of Experience for multi-media applications, in particular, those needing MPEG DASH support, which can be useful for streaming HD video, VR and other applications.

You can use this opportunity to save on your infrastructure costs and get some expert input on how to test your application so that it is 5G ready and future-proofed.

Also, if you have a hardware (such as NB-IoT) or VR application that does not qualify for this funded open call, please get in touch with us as we have a limited availability to accept applications without funding –the testbed can still be used with no charge for now.

Be sure to register your interest with a simple application form.

Calling all 5G Mobile Application Developers!

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