July 2016 Triangle Newsletter #2
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The latest news from the TRIANGLE project is brought to you here in our second newsletter. This week we are announcing our Open Call funding, we have a brand new Triangle white paper in the pipe line and we are presenting at the EuCNC conference in Athens this week. The TRIANGLE project is developing a framework to help app developers and device manufacturers in the evolving 5G sector to test and benchmark new mobile applications, devices, and services utilizing existing and extended FIRE testbeds. This framework will evaluate Quality of Experience - QoE of new mobile applications, services and devices designed to operate in the future 5G mobile broadband networks -and enable certification for new mobile applications and devices.

Check our new video for an explanation of the Triangle project!

Funding Opportunities Available for 5G Testing and Benchmarking
in September 2016!

Do you have a mobile app, a mobile device or an IoT device, a service provisioning system, a RAN or network component that would benefit from testing or receiving a professional-grade certification of 5G readiness?

Funding of up to 20.000€ per experiment is available if you have a mobile app, mobile or IoT device, or service provisioning system you would like to experiment with and test on a 5G end-to-end network using the latest technological advances in wireless networking, and up to 100.000€ is available if you have a RAN or other network hardware/software component and you wish to incorporate into our test bed so that the testbed is further enhanced. You can also avail of a Triangle certification or benchmark for your application or device. 
You can apply for funding through our Open Call process between 1st September 2016 and 31st October 2016. Successful applicants will be informed by 1st December 2016 and experiments will start from January 2017 .

You can contact us at any time during the entire process for assistance or for a pre-evaluation of your ideas and needs. 

Click here for further information on the Open Calls for Triangle project.


Open Calls for 5G Testing and Benchmarking with Triangle

TRIANGLE will also fund two further proposals up to €100,000 each to extend the functionalities of the main testbed at UMA with EPC and/or radio access features by remote or local connection to other testbeds (e.g. FIRE, 5GPPP, SMEs, research institutions, vendors, operators). 

Companies or institutions can apply to use the TRIANGLE infrastructure explaining their application, its benefits and their technical approach. Up to 15 successful applicants will be invited to run experiments on the TRIANGLE infrastructure with a maximum amount of €20,000 available for each experiment.

Triangle Testing House

Click here for further information on the Open Calls for Triangle project.

Benchmarking as a Service - A New Triangle White Paper 

5G data networks are currently being developed and expect to be near completion by 2020 in line with EU directives. The 5G networks have high performance targets such as high throughput, low latency (below 5 or 10ms), ultra-high reliability, high density, along with tight constraints on territory and population coverage. Testing and benchmarking will allow developers to improve and position their product performance in a pre-5G era. 

In this white paper we explain the workings of the TRIANGLE testbed for 5G services. As the next generation of telecommunications to the year 2020 and beyond 5G promises to deliver much more i.e. greater throughput, much lower latency, ultra-high reliability, much higher connectivity density and higher mobility range than its predecessors 3G and 4G. This enhanced performance is expected to bring new business models and opportunities to applications developers and device manufacturers to create new services and devices. But without a 5G network in place, how is an application developer or a device manufacturer to test their product or service offering and compare it to a set of performance or other metrics in order to improve their product and give it a rich set of capabilities?

This is where the TRIANGLE testbed comes in - a testbed which allows application developers to test and benchmark their application and device manufacturers to test their device under 5G scenarios, and obtain scores against a set of pre-defined KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Not only that but it allows companies and institutions the freedom to experiment on a testbed in order to improve the performance and capabilities of their product, whether application or device, ahead of the marketplace.
Triangle Service Delivery Process
This white paper will be available shortly on the Resources section of the Triangle website.


 EuCNC Conference in Athens, Greece on June 27th-30th 2016

EuCNC Welcome Image
The TRIANGLE project is being presented and demonstrated at the EuCNC’16 conference this week. The project presented a paper during the conference, describing the concepts behind the TRIANGLE testing and benchmarking system.

Now EuCNC 2016 is just finished, but the Triangle project has left its mark. Thanks to the enhanced visibility offered by the hosting of the demo in the booth of Keysight Technologies, Golden Patron of the conference, the demo was visited by a high number of attendees of the conference, with more than 50 dedicated personal demonstrations.

Triangle project representatives on the Keysight stand at EuCNC
The demo was well received as an initial step promoting the new concept of End-to-End and Mobile Application testing, confirming the importance of such a concept for the 5G ecosystem. The discussion with the attendees, mostly composed by partners in FIRE or 5GPPP Horizon2020 projects, led to a new and inclusive definition of our philosophy as “Over The Service Testing” - proof the audience clearly understood our project goal.
Most of the other projects present at the conference showed high interest in our Open Calls, making Triangle an attractive research partner with whom to create liaisons or joint experiments. We hope that most of the newly created contacts will pursue their initial thoughts and intentions and join us in an exciting future in Triangle!

For more information on the EuCNC Conference click here.


There are six partners in the Triangle Project: Keysight Technologies, Belgium/Denmark, University of Malaga (UMA), Spain, RedZinc, Ireland, University College London (UCL), UK; AT4 Wireless, Spain and Quamotion, Belgium.
This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 688712.
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