The TRIANGLE project will be both presented and demonstrated at the EuCNC’16 conference that will be held in Athens, Greece on June 27th-30th 2016. The project will present a paper, during the conference, describing the philosophy and concepts behind the TRIANGLE testing and benchmarking system.

TRIANGLE will also be hosted in the Keysight booth in the exhibition area, and the project will showcase most of the currently available test bed capabilities with a demo that will run throughout the conference.

The conference will be also an opportunity to promote the Open Call that will give an opportunity to developers and technology providers to either test their own products or contribute to the further development of the test bed capabilities.

Come and visit us at the Keysight booth at EuCNC’16 in Athens!

But what are we showing?

The main difference compared to traditional testing is its new holistic approach spanning from the mobile App and device to the EPC and the network services. Centered around the UXM Wireless Test Set, that offers radio access with the capability of flexibly creating RAN operational conditions, the test bed will include tools and methods for performing GUI and connectivity testing in mobile apps provided by the TRIANGLE project partners, supporting testing and benchmarking in different usage scenarios.

Key technical test challenges and performance points:

  • Mobile application GUI and connectivity testing
  • Mobile device testing
  • RF and PHY measurements
  • IP and connectivity measurements
  • Automated orchestration of the test bed components
TRIANGLE will showcase test bed capabilities during EuCNC’16

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