The second round of Open Calls has recently closed in the TRIANGLE project and it was another highly competitive and top quality arena. Our largest set of applicants, for the Open Calls to date, yielded six new experimenters. These experiments are wide-ranging, covering areas such as SDN/NFV, MEC, video-streaming and MM2M using narrowband technologies.

We are also delighted to report that as a result of the Open Call we have two exciting extensions to add additional features for our Testbed. These extensions will further improve the Testbed’s ability to support experiments that wish to use Mobile Edge Computing, SDN, and to perform QoE evaluation using video streaming. More on these exciting new additions in a future newsletter.

An Experiment Spotlight on D-Cube (Triangle’s First User) shows how useful the TRIANGLE testbed is to experimenters.

D-Cube are the first company to complete testing their Spacewars application using the Testbed. D-Cube have been evaluating the behaviour of their immersive video streaming solution under various different network scenarios and have found the Testbed to greatly help in identifying performance issues under different conditions, such as sub-optimal network conditions. D-Cube found the Triangle Testbed to be invaluable in diagnosing these issues and remarked that “…the knowledge acquired will greatly help in designing adaptation solutions (e.g. adaptive streaming, toggling VBR, offering spectating guidelines, etc.) for sub-optimal network conditions.”

D-Cube are in fact planning on continuing to evaluate the impact of network slicing using the VPS capability of the Testbed.

Spacewars Architecture

Spacewars architecture

Triangle welcomes new and existing experimenters

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