How much travel expenses can I apply for?

You can apply for up to 20.000€ funding per experiment application in Open Call OC5 and OC6.


What are the key attributes an experiment must have in order to be selected for the open call?

The main objective of the open call is testing the 5G Triangle testbed with experiments that are co-created with companies such as application developers and device manufacturers. Example experiments could include application developers testing 5G scenarios such as low latency to facilitate VR, or an IoT device maker who wants to benchmark. See the Test Bed description page for more info.


Who is allowed to apply?

You can apply as an individual, a team, an organisation or a business, as long as you are a legal entity established in a member state of the European Union, a H2020 associated country or in a H2020 International Cooperation Partner Country (ICPC).

The documentation you will need to provide varies depending on your type of legal entity. For a company, you will have to submit an appropriate registration extract and PIC number. You can read more about the documentation requirements here. If you aren’t registered as a legal entity yet, you should register under the applicable laws and procedures of the country in which you reside


Who owns the intellectual property (IP) of my experiment?

The IP to the experiment’s results generated by you will be owned by you. The IP to the Triangle Testbed Facilities made available for your experiment will remain to be exclusively owned by the respective Triangle Testbed Consortium Partners.


Will you provide a working space?

Yes, you will have working space at University of Malaga (UMA) premises for those periods required by your experiment . Dates and number of persons will depend on availability and NDA will be required by UMA to protect other projects running in the labs.


How long can the lifespan of my project be?

The experiments in the open call will be conducted for a number of weeks or months according to the agreement reached. 6 months is the maximum duration.


Can I manage who the results of my experiment are shared with?

You are required to inform us of all results of your experiment. However, for the purpose of further development etc. you may mark your results as “confidential” or “secret”, and they will accordingly be treated by us as confidential information under the terms of the Experiment Agreement.


What (if any) limitations apply to my use of the Test Bed Facilities for implementation of my experiment?

You are only entitled to use the Facilities to the extent needed to implement your experiment. This comprises a right for you to create commercial or non-commercial services that rely upon or are based upon the Triangle Test Bed Facilities and make such services available for the public’s use free of charge or paid for. This entails that you are NOT allowed e.g.:

  1. To make any changes or additions to the Facility unless required for the purpose of implementing your experiment.
  2. To use the Facilities for any purpose whatsoever other than creating and making available for use by the public, services as referred to above.
  3. To replicate the Facilities or any part of it.
  4. To limit the functionality of the Facilities or limit the possibilities to build upon the Facility.
  5. To decompile or otherwise reverse-engineer any Facility software or other part or component of the Facilities.

No other person is permitted to do any of these things.


What are the legal implications of collecting and processing personal data through my experiment?

Unless otherwise required by law, you, as an experimenter, will be acting as (joint) data controller in respect of the personal data collected and processed for your experiment. This means that you will be liable for compliance with the applicable data protection laws. e.g. For obtaining any required written approval from the authorities concerned, consent from individuals who have their personal data collected or processed, and for having erased or anonymized personal data as soon as it is no longer necessary for your experiment.


Will I be able to use the Triangle logo and branding for my experiment?

Yes, and you will be required to use the Triangle name/logo in any communication activities concerning your experiment. Such communication must comply with certain requirements listed in the experiment agreement and must be done in a reasonable and consistent manner.


What technical support/maintenance services will be available to me during my experiment?

UMA, as the hosting partner of the testbed and the rest of partners will provide reasonable support to the experimenters physically and or remotely. Support will be focussed on how to exploit the technical features of the tested but its is assumed that the partner dones not require additional technical information specific to the experiment.

The Testbed is provided “as is”. However, the Triangle partners may at their own choice deliver such support/services to you with no liabilities or warranties of any kind.


Will others (including the Triangle partners) have access to the feedback I provide on the Facilities?

Yes, the Triangle partners and their affiliated entities have the right to use and permit use of your feedback (on a royalty free basis) for all purposes without any restriction. The reason for this is that feedback concerns the Facilities.


Will I own the feedback that I provide on the Facilities?

Yes, and you will be entitled to freely exploit and otherwise use and permit use of your feedback.



Legal notice

The answers provided in the FAQs are not an agreement, nor a promise of any kind, and have no legal value. You should carefully review all of the terms and conditions of the Experiment Agreement and the Call Instructions before submitting your proposal.

Our goal is to keep this information timely and accurate. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. However,the Triangle consortium Partners disclaim any and all liability that may ensue from relying on the FAQs. The FAQs are:

  • of a general nature only and is not intended to address the specific circumstances of any particular individual or entity;
  • not necessarily comprehensive, complete, accurate or up to date;
  • in no way a substitute for professional or actual legal advice (if you need specific advice, you should always consult a suitably qualified professional).

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