TitlePresented atYear
Triangle: 5G Applications and Devices
Book chapter: Building the Future Internet through FIRE. 2016 FIRE Book: A Research and Experiment based Approach2017
Advanced testing of mobile applications and devicesIFIP/IEEE International Symposium on Integrated Network Management (IM)2017
Guided test case generation for mobile apps in the TRIANGLE project: work in progress24th ACM SIGSOFT International SPIN Symposium on Model Checking of Software (SPIN 2017)2017
An end-to-end testing ecosystem for 5GEuropean Conference on Networks and Communications (EuCNC)2016
An End-to-End Testing Ecosystem for 5G the TRIANGLE Testing House Test BedJournal of Green Engineering, Special Issue "Green Engineering and Energy Efficiency in the Context of 5G”2016
A formal approach to automatic analysis of extra-functional properties in mobile appsXXIV Jornadas de Concurrencia y Sistemas Distribuídos (JCSD)2016