Are you ready for 5G?

Do you have a product that is focused on or oriented towards 5G? The TRIANGLE test bed is ready to help you testing and improving your products, and making you truly ready for 5G. With the help of the TRIANGLE experts you can test your mobile App, mobile or IoT device, your Service provisioning system, your RAN or network component using the latest technological advances in wireless networking.

An Open Call is an opportunity for exploiting the extensive features of the TRIANGLE test bed for your project, receiving help and support from the experts of the TRIANGLE consortium.

The mission of the TRIANGLE project is to pave the way towards an End-to-End testing and certification framework for future 5G systems. TRIANGLE is a collaborative research project funded by the European Commission, we do not have any commercial goals.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for companies, SMEs, research institutions, consortia,  FIRE and 5G-PPP projects that have commercial, pre-commercial, or research 5G or 5G-leaning products that would benefit of testing an certification in a complete End-to-End environment. In particular, we are looking for:

  • Experiments – do you have a mobile App, a mobile or IoT device, a Service provisioning system that would benefit from testing or receiving a professional-grade certification of 5G readiness? this is the Open Call you should apply to!
  • Extensions [Closed]– do you have a 5G product that can enhance our test bed testing and benchmarking capabilities and bringing it one step closer to 5G? This is the Open Call you could apply to. Ready carefully our Open Call text to better understand if your technology is the one we are looking for!

Don’t worry, we will keep your intellectual property safe (regardless of the outcome of your proposal) – our goal is to help you in testing your product and understand the testing and certification challenges ahead of 5G. We want you to use our facilities as a potential future customer or technology provider and understand what would you make you a happier customer by improving our service offering.


How does it work?

We have tried to make an application process that is as simple, open, and transparent as possible. You just need to nail down what is your product about and how we would mutually benefit from the TRIANGLE testing facility:

  • If you have a mobile App, mobile or IoT device, or Service provisioning system, describe what are your testing needs for being 5G ready.
  • If you have a RAN, or network hardware or software component, describe how the TRIANGLE test bed would be enhanced by your product.

The you need to fill in a few simple forms and the game is on! Don’t worry, we are not leaving you alone in the process. You can contact us at any time during the entire process for assistance or for a pre-evaluation of your ideas and needs. Read more about it on our FAQ page.

During the life time of the TRIANGLE project several Open Calls will be opened. Each set of Open Calls is called “Wave”. Select the ongoing Wave below and get more detailed info.

Open CallOpening DateDeadline Date
Wave 1 [Closed]September 1st 2016October 31st 2016
Wave 2 [Closed]May 8th, 2017July 9th, 2017
Wave 3 [Closed]February 1st, 2018March 11th, 2018
Wave 4July 31st, 2018September 14th, 2018

Do you want to use the testbed without funding?

Please fill out this contact form. Please note that the types of testbed participants, the testbed experiments and extensions and benefits to the experimenter are the same as those for experiments and for extensions.

Need more info?

If you have any questions, please check our FAQ first.


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