San Diego, 11 – 13 December 2018

TRIANGLE presented a contribution around 5G user experience measurement for device and application to the Global Certification Forum. The presentation took place during the Steering Group meeting #77 in San Diego, USA.

The TRIANGLE consortium has been working hard over the last 3 years to develop a framework which can be used for quantifying the user experience for device and application in 5G networks. This ground-breaking work has led to a large set of insights, technical documents and a series of experiments performed with leading edge companies for device and application development. The TRIANGLE consortium is happy to report that our work has been presented to leading bodies in the 5G certification area.

The Global Certification Forum (GCF) enables the global wireless industry to deliver a connected world, with mobile and IoT device certification program that ensure quality, connectivity and interoperability, whatever the technology. GCF today has over 315 dynamic members from major operators, manufacturers and the test industry, working collaboratively and in association with key industry partners on the successful delivery of 5G and IoT connectivity. For more information, please visit:

TRIANGLE also recommends interested parties to read the following document published by NGMN: Definition of the testing framework for the NGMN 5g pre-commercial networks trials dated from January 2018.

TRIANGLE to present results of 5G application and device test to the GCF Steering Group

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